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I miss my wife. :[

13 October

Name: Druce
Class: Dark Mage -> Druid
Country: Megam
Age: 18 19 20 21 22 23
Birthday: December 7th, 604
Blood Type: O-
Weapons: Dark Magic (C), Staves (training)
Family: Biological Father - Lewis, Father - Dustin, Mother - Lyssia,
(Dead) Wife - Aine, (Former) Mother-in-law - Lyonesse
Languages: [Fluent] Trade, Megam, Old Megam. [Can muddle through] Dentorian, Korin, Atsirian, Old Atsirian.

History: Druce's mother was found on the steps of a small temple to the dragon gods of darkness one night. She was taken in by them, and taken care of until she got better. After she recovered, she decided to live at the temple, and help clean the place.

About nine months later, she gave birth to a very healthy boy. One member of the clergy was accused of impregnating her. He was nearly kicked out until he offered to marry her. The two of them raised Druce in the temple.

Druce grew up, and wanting to be like his Dad, he became a dark mage. He became a very competant member of the temple.

One day, a man who looked very much like him came into town with a gang of fighters and thieves. When Druce saw the man, he knew then that it was his father. His father also recognized him as a son. While Druce was at a loss for words, his father (Lewis) reached out, and pulled him to his side. Lewis was the leader of an infamous bandit group, and he took Druce into his group.

Druce has served as the person responsible for keeping track of everything the group has taken in on every raid since then. His way with numbers, and his ability to keep a written record has helped the group dramatically.

He tries to write to the family he left behind at the temple as often as possible, but it's not easy when the only messengers you ever find are ones that are trying to report you to the authorities. The few letters he has recieved say that they are worried about him, but they are glad he is getting to know his true father.

Personality: Sincere, kind, and caring at times. He works hard at making sure everything is in order, and properly accounted for. When he feels threatened, he lashes out in all directions, but otherwise he is very meek.

Even though he grew up isolated from the outside world, he enjoys things that distract him from devotion. He likes a wide variety of music, hard drinks, rich foods, and other unnecessary things.

(Druce is a fictional character, played by willfor_iv, solely for the purpose of being in himitsu_sensou . His appearance is Raito from Death Note. )
aine, atsirian music, being a holy man, being a literal bastard, cheese, cursing his mun, dark magic, ellipses, funeral rites, having high magic defence, having no luck, kanemorian music, keeping aine alive, looking like his father, magem music, not caring about franel, praying, sweets, writing a dead language